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You can think about this now: Create your own playlist of 20 songs (title and artist) that you expect to hear played by myself. Not just general genres of music, but exact titles and artists. Here’s why: if you tell me you want to hear ‘old school hip hop’ – which era ? Old school R&B can be anywhere from 60-00’s. So let’s work on details to make sure you get what you want!  After you give me a list I build on top of it using some or all of your suggestions.  On the day of the event (like all DJs), I read the crowd and give them what they need.  We will discuss music at least two weeks before the event.

In Person Events: DJ will require access to venue 60-90 minutes ahead of time to set up for event and one hour after the end of the event for breakdown.

Weddings are done on a limited basis. Weddings cost more than parties (obviously) since they involve more intimate details for the event itself.  If I determine after consultation that I’m not the best wedding DJ for you, I’ll search for one for you free of charge. I will do my best to provide you with three contacts to consult with who may be a better match for you.


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